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Skyscale fall damage with "Blast"-skill [Merged]

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This started to happen after todays update:

When I land/unmount on Skyscale with the "Blast" skill I get fall damage after unmounting. The higher I was when I started descending with "Blast", the higher the fall damage. It can even kill my character. 
pls fix.

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I actually kind of think taking fall damage from the Skyscale fire AoE skill is cool. Since your literally leaping off mount into the air. If you have Aurene's Bond of Faith it should prevent fall damage though. But, they probably aren't going to make it an actual thing, since most people won't like it.


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The bugged fall damage scales with the height you were in when starting the descent and not from where the skyscale dropped you off, i. e. you die instantly when using "1" to descent from greater heights.
You really think this should be a thing? 

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I'm doing Tyria map completion on my engineer and was here on my skyscale: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Fight_the_denizens_of_Jormabakke_Stead


I was almost landed and used skill 1 to kill the 2 mobs. Spoiler: they remained unharmed and I insta-died. There was nothing in the combat log. So the fall didn't kill me, but apparently using skill 1 did.

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Was taking on an Elite Naga at an HP in Seitung Province. On landing with skill 1 I was insta-killed! The naga quaded 1340 damage. Heard this is a new bug for today.

Was doing a mech retrieval quest and a another player was on a raptor, did their skill1 and he was instantly killed too.

Something odd here. Heavy gravity??

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