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Ghastly Appearance needs a toggle switch.

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I'm very disappointed that there's no way to turn off the disgusting green color from a Polyluminescent Undulating Refractor (Green). If there is a way to turn it off, other than removing the item, I can't find it. I'm a recently returning player and there was no way to know in game that adding this to my back item was going to turn my character a crap color. Are we really supposed to go searching Google for every decision we make in this game because if we don't our characters will look like garbage?


Is there a way to turn this off? I would add a screen shot but I guess we can't add screenshots here? I like the way my character looks until she got changed green. She looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters. If I would have known my characters color would be changed I wouldn't have purchased the item. No wonder there's so many of them for sale for cheap from people. It looks like crap.



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