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What do you do for fun in game, besides the obvious?

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I spend way too much time testing things. After 9+ years, you develop an eye for the possible weakpoints. When I see something promising, I usually run my own routine. If I manage to find something that looks interesting, I spend additional time learning the nature and origin of the bug/exploit. What causes it? was there a thinking-error in the design? Did I accidentally activate a fail-safe mechanic? Some discoveries consumed several hours of additional research before I wrote my report. Then I move on to regular gameplay and hope my 'work' helped improving something, or at least preventing future problems. Sometimes I read something in the patch-notes, sometimes I notice a change myself, sometimes everything remains untouched. It is a gamble. What I consider life-threatening is often considered tolerable. But on the other hand, stuff that I expected to be almost neglectable got fixed within 12 hours after report. Quite a weird hobby, but I really enjoy it. I do feel sorry for the people reading the reports though.

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21 minutes ago, kharmin.7683 said:

This was much easier to do in GW1!


In a lot of cases, all you had to do was run past them, and they both chase you for a little, such as harpies and hylek, then they would take out on eachother for not being able to caught up with you. 


Naughty we are.

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