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Constant disconnections

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Hey guys,

for a while I'm experiencing constant disconnections to the point the game is unplayable.

Does anyone else experience anything like that?

90% of disconnections happen at the literal end of story instance (Season of the dragons is driving me crazy because of this.... repeated


mursaat fight

in sirens landing and got disconnected after defeating him a few times already.....) or after the pvp match, i cannot exit to the previous map. Either i have to go to character select and log back in or just wait for the game to disconnect me and log back in.

I just wonder if it's a server issue or if it's my network (I haven't really experienced that kind of issues in other games). Besides, I work from home using the same network and I don't experience any issues with internet connection.

I'd appreciate any feedback from you because I wonder if I should look for other internet provider or if it wouldn;t change anything.

Take care!

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