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You said scavenger protocols will be available in WvW, but today you called it a "bug" which is now "fixed"


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Minute 37:00 

And yet in todays patch notes, you say this:


Fixed a bug with jade bot scavenger protocols. Scavenger protocols will no longer work when killing players.

I know there has been an issue where players abused it, but calling it bug which is now "fixed" makes it sound like it was never supposed to be a feature. So what's true now? Is it disabled temporarily or is it really gone forever? 

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It's simple, they lied. They notice people was getting rewarded for doing something so they disabled it. It's obvious they been working hard in WvW so they have been testing it before release because that wouldn't be a lie too. I almost dread the when the alliance thing is going to be released because, like the other things I'm sure they are working hard on testing that before release.

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