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Need an It-smart person to advice me

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Since this SAB patch I am having big isssues with my gw2. I can barely play and anets pretends the fault is on my end.

THis is happening only to my Account with EoD. My other account is perfect (has no EoD).  It happens in my BOTH PCS, which  dont have even the same specifics, programs, etc.


the issue is:  i can barely log in, cant see my toons on loading screen, i  CANT MOVE when i log in, its like im frozen still in place. I maybe Maybe  can log in in pvp or tyria but i cant or almost cant in EoD. My map is black, main screen is black, waypoints and such barely show on .   


I didnt change anything or installed anything besides the gw2 patch... just in case.


My question: what could I do to fix this? if.. there's something? Btw :i already entirely reinstaled gw2.

ty in advance.

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You could try the steps mentioned in this guide, as they are valid for troubleshooting most issues, not just the DX11 beta one I wrote it for:

If that doesn't solve the issue, try a client repair. I would do the above first, though, as it could indeed be an issue with the account data stored on your computer, as you are experiencing those particular problems with only one of your accounts.

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The patch seems to have made things better for some, worse for others and no change for the rest which all just amounts to "something changed" ...

As for locally stored data, I would check the Local.dat as well as the gw2cache folders in your Temp directory. I know the gw2cache folders can cause GW2 to take longer to start up but I am not sure if it has any impact on other load times. When I first started noticing a problem the gw2cache folders were holding several GB of data. With a SSD that is no longer noticeable but I still clear them out once in a while.

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