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Best looking medium armor?


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@ZeddyGW.5013 said:I'm looking for some good looking armor for my thief that i mostly play pvp with give me your suggestions.My thief is female and a human.

I'm currently not at home, but when i get home i'll see if i can post my thief here.

all I can say from the top of my head is that i use the caladbolg daggers and based the armor around them, don't remember the names of the armor pieces and dyes.here's my gear set, image will follow later https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Miridiana (forgot gw2efficiency can share some stuff)

Edit: image to be posted here

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Medium is hard because your choice is basically a truckload of trenchcoats and few other options. It's part of why I benched my norn ranger in favor of a sylvari: the sylvari cultural armors are less obnoxious about it than most. That said, for a human I do like the cultural T2 (Falconer). And the new Elonian medium armor or its Sunspear "upgrade" is just plain gorgeous.

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Jungle Explorer outfit, helmet disabled, and a good dye combination.

Second choice is Pirate Outfithttp://i.imgur.com/ONYho.jpg

By big gripe with the Sneak Thief Armor is how uncomfortable it looks on female models. Consider how tight that thing has to be in order to stay in place...... not conductive to a combat style with a lot of torso movement.

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I have this problem with a female Charr. As far as i can tell, there is no medium armor (particularly the chest/legs) that doesn't look awful. For now I've settled on an outfit rather than armor skins, but it's not ideal (and it still flares out ridiculously at the hips).

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On my female human ranger I like the ascended coat and the noble coat.


Downside of the ascended coat is of course that it's expensive to craft and hard to get as a drop, but I thought it was worth it for one of the few short medium coats I liked.

I also like the Duelist or Scout's coats (very similar IMO), just not on my character. But as other people have said it really depends on the character and your personal preference. I recommend using the wardrobe at the bank in-game to preview different skins and see how they look on your character. (Or the Wiki's armour gallery for a quick overview.)

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@Myrdreth.6829 said:My thief looks like this. I really like the combination of those clothes :)Simple and clean and still elegant and feminine.

Shoulders: Privateer ShouldersChest: Falconer's CoatHand: Sneakthief GlovesLeg: Seeker PantsFoot: Prowler BootsImgur

@Chickenooble.5014 said:Medium Bladed Armor for life.



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