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Anet, can we at least meet in the middle please??


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What basically just happened is we got less stability, and more focus against power builds while being even more susceptible to conditions. Axe rightly got a buff but compared to the two stance changes (balanced and berserker stance), we now are more prone to CC and conditions.

Anet, why go full out like this? Warriors were always very content with their stances and then endure pain get's "tweaked" and now these two also? Well here's what I propose:Let's meet half way here. Warriors don't want our stances to last seemingly a split second then have an extended (albeit shortened) CD, and you guys obviously don't want our stances to be prolonged to the point of crazy sustainability.

So I advise to make these changes:

Endure Pain- Lasts 3 seconds (while not traited), and has a 45 second cooldown.Balanced Stance- Lasts 6 seconds (while not traited), and has a 35 second cooldown. No longer allows for immunity against critical hits.Berserker Stance- Lasts 6 seconds (while not traited), and still gives 7 adrenaline but over the course of 6 seconds instead of 4.

Please don't gut our stances, every Warrior knows we heavily rely on them. It's fine to do tweaks, but making Warriors of all classes more prone to CC by reducing our stability is going to far.

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I don't think you also get the other "help" they gave us that actually HURTS allot more which is the boon duration on them as well. The it refreshes every seconds sound strong yes? Until you figure anyone that brings any boon duration gear (armor runes, armor, weapons, trinkets). Guess what that extra 25% boon duration on a 1 second stability only adds .25s, while one that gives 25% boon duration on a 3 second stability adds about .75s. I know that extra .5s doesn't sound like much but it is. They've essentially made my boon duration gear USELESS, I'm not just talking the durability runes, I've got some other gear that does boon duration for a certain purpose.

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