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Do you like the healbreaker comeback?


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Do warrior mains really likes this role on spellbreaker?

In my own experience, i only know 1 single warrior main that likes healbreaker (that's like 1 in 10), the others who plays it aren't even warrior mains, or they're just forced because M E T A.

I remember when i was omega bored because every single time that i wanted to play as warrior, i always had a healbreaker in the enemy team, an easy mode support, i wanted to see a roammer warrior, dps warriors, let that support role out of warrior until 4th elite spec, spellbreaker is a duelist, an antimagician, now it's a bad joke healing, because ANet is trying to force this underperforming spec to be a totally different thing.

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Outside of Core Tactics roamer, I find shouts very meh and even tho I'd realistically want them buffed, that would be with other tools that make support warrior possible and not "click skill off CD, use shake it off for the many condis". Lack of boons, lack of stab, only got some rez potential. It's just a Bladesworn buff in disguise till they say next round of changes "we'd like to see Bladesworn also fullfil this crucial role" and other anet horseshit. 

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Woop de doo. My shouts heal for a few 100 more. 

I can play Heal Rev and pump out Perma Regen that ticks for over 1k. 

And that build isn't even really viable. 


The buff to our support is laughable compared to other supports which get laughed at by ever better supports. 


Did Heal breaker make a comeback? No. It was never there to begin with. 

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I started playing WvW a year ago and chose Warrior cuz I never played that toon anywhere else, so why not? I was a Berserker roamer for months before joining up with some zergs. I was immediately told to switch to Spellbreaker because the group needed winds.
But gosh darn, SB is so booorrrrring!! 

I pouted quite a bit at first feeling like I had to play SB in the zerg but eventually I got used to it and even started enjoying dropping my bubble on the enemy zerg to see them scatter.

Now with the WoD nerf, Warrior feels useless.
~Flaxi Everafter of Yak's Bend

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