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Ways to let legendary effects through kits?


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Everybody knows that equiping a kit surpresses whatever effects a legendary weapon gives which is pretty sadge, but i noticed that when having a gen2 leggy equipped aswell as an engineer kit and using and unusing a combat tonic (I've only tried this with the Cloudseeker tonic) will make the arm effect of that legendary appear while still having the kit equipped. 

Wouldnt it be possible to use this apparently unintended behaviour to actually allow kits to let certian effects through - such as legendary effects?

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I was very sad when I found out that Juggernaut doesn't effect grenade projectiles.

Or the bullet from surprise shot

Or the rockets you fire from aim assisted rocket

Or mortar projectiles 

I was looking forward to slinging quicksilver, and left disappointed. I'm still glad I have my weapon for convenience reasons, but I'd love to see this happen one day


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