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Achievement "Not-So-Peaceful Shrine" bugged

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I have defeated all 4 champions Kirin, Vinetooth, Emberknight and Wallow at the Hanoku Shrine in Dragon's End, but the achievement is still at 3/4.

And: It would be really nice if this achievement would have a list to see missing entries.

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I'm stuck at the same point, and I've been assuming it's because I've only encountered the Vinetooth at the Speaker's Encampment end of the bridge, instead of in the area in front of the Shrine to Hanuku.  Maybe it's leaping too far out of bounds and stops counting for the achievement.  (I've helped kill it there three times, but I've never managed to see it spawn--maybe it's spawning outside the event area to begin with?)

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This may happen because of killing wrong boss.

There are two kind of events there:

1.  Speaker Eunjoo walks to shrine and summons a creature thus starting event "Defeat the summoned creature before it can escape" - killing it counts for an achievement.

2.  Starts also in the camp. There is a dialog between Tetra Earthcall and Veteran Speaker Kian Li which preceeds event "Defend the Speakers outpost" immidiately followed by "Defeat the Void champion". The boss might be exact the same as in first summoning event but killing it doesn't count.

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