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Balloon Buckets


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Hey so I was throwing toilet paper again at the enemy spawn point today.  Its really a shame we can't just jump into their lion's arch and become some kinda of boss event.  Can you imagine?  Like the Aetherblade mini events, but with wvwers who have escaped the mist and land in the lion's arch?  every player and npc would be red and we just try to get as many bags as possible for like 20 minutes of chaos LOL!!  The stories would be great!  Anyways!


So I was throwing toilet paper at their spawn and I was thinking isn't there something else I can throw at them?  Then I saw the water balloon bucket toy and I thought wow that looks like it might be fun!  But then I was looking through the outfits and I couldn't find a single summer swimsuit outfit to change into to make it more fun?  I guess thats just something we can't have?  water balloons but not swimsuits?  Ok I mean but its not as fun.


T1 is funny now because all of us have been into T2 and theres literally NO people to play with in T2.  We camped all of EBG for days before they were able to take their castles back its just a joke down there.  So I think this week everyones been playing fairly well to try not to go to T2 its like a punishment all the big maps and nobody to play with is a joke!


Anyway GL out there!  Oh.  LOL I did see 1 poor guy spellbreaker playing.  That poor guy probably spend so much time making that armor and stuff and now hes broke.  Oh well.  Next time I'll hit him with a waterballoon (in a swimsuit??) and maybe he will feel better.

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