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Can't buy gems (alternate between error 400 and error 80004)

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Store keeps giving me either of those errors when I try to select a payment method for purchasing gems.


Update: After removing all payment methods from my account and adding them again, it worked.

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Thank you for updating with the solution!

This was the first thing I tried, but oddly it didn't work. So I followed the error code recommendations and enabled javascript, then tried a different browser, then from advice on another post I saw I disabled adblock. It still didn't work. Then found this post and thought might as well try deleting and re-entering payment details again, and voila! Not sure which combination of things did the trick but if anyone is stuck it can't hurt to try them all.

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OMG it works!  I been getting error message "Something went wrong, please try again later!

I tried using different browsers, disabled anti-malware, disabled adblock and even submit a ticket, nothing works.

After remove payments and re-enter then it allow me to purchase the expansion.  

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