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Weird fishing behavior.

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Good evening,


I have some issues with fishing and it has been going on for days. Let me first say i have all types of bait and proper lures. So i'm above 600 Fishing power.

First off it could be me but can't find the thing i'm doing wrong. Fish don't seem to bite for hours on mutible Fishing nodes. I started my adventure in Ascalon it went well within an hour i had most fishes missing 1 pink and 2 purple. But after that everything went downhill. Fish don't seem to bite and the exclamation mark does not appear anymore. Been on fishingholes at least 15 min with no luck anymore. Can't seem to find out what i'm doing wrong can't be that hard. Seen an update that should have fixed something, but not for me.

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33 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Perhaps, you've encountered Diminishing Returns.  Have you tried a different character or trying on a completely different map?

Yes i have tried mutible maps for mutible hours. But you're joking right, diminishing returns on fishing? For the more rare fish i can understand that they are hard to catch. But the most common fish are subject to diminishing returns?

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