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DE, Break Bars and Phase Changes

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Disable the Break Bars as an RNG choice when she's close to phasing due to health loss. You get around average on two Break Bars on a fight. If they both happen at 61% and 41% then it's worse than useless as it prevents her from changing phase and the DPS boon you get from doing the Break Bar correctly is lost.

I just had a group that got utterly screwed over by the RNG of that. We got two Break Bars and they both were at respectively 61% and 41%, both literally happened there and we failed the meta because of it.

You should only fail a meta because of your own playing ability. You should never fail it because the game decided so. That feels extremely bad and people get frustrated and stop doing it. Is this what you want new players to experience?

And make it so that killing her tail makes her lose health. I'm okay with hear health being increased to compensate. It just makes no rational sense that hitting her tail, a quite prominent and physical part of her, has no effect on her at all.

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Good point. I would suggest that the tail also gets affected by the remaining duration of her Exposed. Just so there's more interactivity between the two because right now it's mechanically an add completely seperate from her despite ludonarratively being a part of her.

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