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Just changed my Email due to issues and now I can't log into support to see my tickets.

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TL,DR read the bold to get to the point. Everything before is background and rambling.


Hey, so yesterday I bought End of Dragons only to find out that I receive the product at my email, which I also learned I no longer have access to because apparently 13 year old me wasn't smart enough to make sensible security questions. Thanks to yahoo/AT&T being garbage I was unable to talk to a human to resolve that issue, so I went through a support ticket. Thankfully ArenaNet has been incredibly helpful and swapped my email to one that I actually have access to, but I still don't have my expansion. Before I logged off yesterday I sent Arena my transaction numbers through paypal in hopes they could resend the code for the expansion that I paid for. I went to sleep, woke up today and everytime I tried to log into support to see my ticket, and see if they responded, it takes me back to the account page and doesn't keep me logged in when I go to support. I have seen other threads like this that reference sending an anonymous ticket to get this resolved, but it appears that anonymous tickets have been removed, so here I am.


Hoping someone can help me, thank you.

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