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Suggestion: don't show cumulative damage

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Could the damage printed to the screen only show the current damage output rather than cumulative damage? For example, say I have a weapon that has a chain-3 skill on autoattack. Assuming I don't interrupt my autoattack, could the output be:

X1 - the damage from the first skill in the chain,

X2 - the damage only from the second skill

X3 - the damage only from the third skill

and then if I continue to autoattack, the numbers would be: X1, X2, X3, X1, X2, X3, and so forth


Rather than:

X1,     X1+X2,     X1+X2+X3,    2(X1)+X2+X3,      2(X1+X2)+X3, .......


It's at odds with heal output reporting, although I never use the same heal skill on auto-heal.

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