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Please make all taverns and inns in Tyria give resting bonus!

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The resting bonus works incredibly well as an incentive to have players treat the Arborstone as a player hub. Together with the conventional hub infrastructure (crafting, bank & merchants, BL staff, etc), I'm of the opinion that Arborstone has been a smashing success in creating a new centralised hub outside of Tyria, building upon the previous success of EotN and the potential that was Sun's Refuge.


I think it would be worth rolling out the Resting Bonus to all existing taverns and inn's in Tyria, as an incentive to visit the lesser travelled/trafficked areas in the open world. In Divinity's Reach alone, there is a slew of amazingly detailed taverns/inns that don't get much traffic beyond the RP crowd. Resting at Inn's is not a foreign concept in other MMO's, but there could be increasing relevance for GW2 to implement similar mechanics to generate player traffic and diverse environments.

Positives - 
- increases player traffic to lesser explored areas.

- improve certain environments to make them feel more 'alive'.

- inns could form potential micro hubs for sub-communities - eg Guilds. imagine your Guild had its own favourite tavern to frequent and everyone could hang out here.


Negatives - 
- May 'dilute' more naturally occurring player areas, such as the Lyssa statue in Divinity's reach.
- More out of the way inns/taverns could reduce player traffic on main roads or routes - for the new player experience, encountering other players on the road is a sign of a healthy playerbase.

- Could require more complex coding/building that makes it difficult to implement.

- flags appropriateness, especially for younger/underage players.

Interested to build out this discussion.

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