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Supports should have to run full harriers for boon duration and healing


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You're right. But we are too deep down this rabbit hole. If minstrel is removed, supports can still hit high amounts of healing power , tankiness and 50+% boon duration using celestial.


Concentration is just too easy of a stat to stack up.: 1% increase to baseline for 15 stats whereas crit chance is 1% for 21 stats and requires crit damage as base value for 1% crit chance is only 0.5% damage increase without ferocity. I just do not see any reasoning why boon duration scales so strongly..


TLDR: Concentration should be changed to scale 1% boon duration for 21 concentration (instead of 1% for 15). This keeps it consistant with other stats in the game while being easy to remember. Full minstrel gear would drop from +48% boon duration to +35% boon duration (excluding infusions, runes and sigils).

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