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Saya: Avian Sharpshooter ~ Never starts

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We, a bunch of us, sat outside Mori Village for over 3 hours and Saya never once started the Avian Sharpshooter event. Checked back after another hour, players will still there waiting.
Can one of you developers, please have a talk with Saya. I know she doesn't want Tateo to lose, and they need more practice... but can we players have some practice at the Mastery point there too, please?

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Well it's bugged even though they attempted to fix it. Lucky if you have it happening at least once a IRL day. 

Visiting Mori Village has became a loop in my daily activity yet event hardly occurs once.


Even finished echovald normal and avid collection while waiting and it never started.

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It's doable and happens, it's just erratic / bugged and doesn't scale up properly (making Avian Sharpshooter really difficult given the various event bugs).   https://gw2efficiency.com/account/unlock-statistics?filter.category=318&filter.show=locked  shows that ~3000 people have gotten the "10 in a row" achievement.  But more people seem to have gotten CSAMM (probably 430 known) than have gotten High-Score Archery (277 known).

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