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wyrmBlood lake

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Given your current positiion and the expectation of a green swirl, I suspect you are doing your personal story. You've picked Vigil as your order and are now on the step to help the quaggans (bad ice). I suspect you do have green swirls, but they are likely in foggy area's. The easiest way to get from vigil keep to wyrnblood lake is as follows:
1: Go to lion's arch (you should be able to waypoint here, but it is also directly south of gendarran fields, which is the map with vigil keep).
2: Travel to houlbrak using the correct asura gate in eastern ward
3: you should now have a green swirl pointing to the Dredge haunt cliffs map. If not, it is the portal to the south of the map, just to the east of the main building.

The route that the green swirl wants you to take is through the snowy area in gendarran fields. This is confusing due to the fact that this part is seperated from the rest by a mountain range and can only be accessed through three caves.
This means, if you've never been there, this part seems to be foggy on the map and it is easily to miss the green swirl. This route goes from kessex hills through lornar's pass to dredgehaunt cliffs.


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