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[BUG] The Only One: Stuck in the terrain after using Aurene's Wings

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During the chapter "The Only One", I've found myself stuck inside a platform after using Wings of Aurene.

I can't jump out of the platform, cannot fall and kill myself, cannot reuse the skill to jump somewhere else because there is no line of sight.



I still have two dragons left to kill, and I really don't want to start it over as I find the fights a bit long

and the game is literally telling me that I'm game over. How is that even possible???


/resign or /gg do not work, and there is no waypoint that I could use to get myself out of this! 😡


This is just unbelievable! I understand that bugs can happen, but why not allowing commands such as /resign in stories??

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When this happened to me I used the /stuck command and after 30 seconds wait my mesmer got teleported to lower platform where I was able to continue.

/stuck works in instances (without waypoints?) so that it will move you to a place where you should be able to continue, in open world it just send the location coordinates to devs and tells you to use a waypoint.  

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I've tried to login my character yesterday evening as I was wondering if my bug report has been processed.


Once I launched the story again, I had the pleasant surprise to find my character at the same step in the story, and I just had to resume where I've left.


To be honest, I don't know if this is because I used the /stuck command earlier, or if this is a normal behavior or even if this is a gift from ArenaNet's developers, but I was happy :)


Thank you guys!

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