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Permanent Trading Post Express Contract , Permanent Black Lion Merchant Contract 

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Im not sure if this is intentional or just  overlooked issue.


You can't summon your Permanent Trading Post Express Contract or Permanent Black Lion Merchant Contract if there are others already summoned around.

I understand that, may be it just preventing the SPAM of merchants,OK.

But why we cant use others summoned  Permanent Black Lion Merchant Contract or Permanent Trading Post Express Contract when we already have our own and CANT summon them ? 

Whats the point to have them when you cant use them ? OK no SPAM ,

Example : Someone next to me summons his Permanent Trading Post Express Contract  and i cant use mine ! I cant use already summoned , because its Personal, But i cant also summon my personal.

Permanent Trading Post Express Contract  and Permanent Black Lion Merchant Contract are QoL items and the possibility to use them should be active when you have it and can't summon it because there is one summoned next to you.

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