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Best use for EOD currencies

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Has anyone researched and/or made a guide on how best to spend the various EOD currencies?  I've got thousands of imperial favors, hundreds of jade slivers, and dozens of uncommon coins.  Buying antique summoning stones seems like a good use but I've got far more than I need of some of the currencies.  I've also got more than a thousand of the various writs.  Thanks in advance if you have guidance!

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I would check the wiki (still being brought up to speed for EoD) for the various currencies and what they're used for, because different people want different things.  Are you gold farming, collecting armor skins, finishing collections?  It really depends.  If you plan to make one or more Gen 3 Legendaries then I agree that getting the AnSuStones - to avoid its unfortunate acronym -- would be good.

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