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Graphical issues during DE meta

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Last night, aside from the issues of having soo-won change sides constantly and do tail during cc bar, I had issues with not being able to see attack indicators (no red circles, no waves, no tsunamis, no bubbles, no whirspools). The adds and champions were invisible and stationary. Soo-won's character was visible and animated but everything else was not working.  I was only able to figure out where the champions were by seeing where everyone else was at. Anyone else experience this recently? 


I had no issues with the pre-events and had my graphical settings set to max. I did decide to change them to high performance right before the fight (although right before I switched my settings and got on the zip line I got hit by a huge attack out of nowhere and couldn't figure out where it came from) and when i noticed i couldn't see the attack indicators i changed my settings to auto-detect and that didn't fix it. I then changed it back to best appearance and the issue was still present during the whole fight. It was super frustrating not being able to see anything.

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