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Balancing Based on Hypothetical and Practical Impacts

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After the recent PvP/WvW balance adjustments I feel that balance is done based on the hypothetical effect rather than the practical effect.

I'll use the Winds of Disenchament change as an example.

Hypothetically speaking a 33% reduction in duration is huge. Practically it means that the ability is now nearly useless. A 5-sec Aegis now lasts 3, a 30-sec Might lasts 20-sec. Those are hypothetically speaking huge impacts. Practically speaking, the winner of two zergs going full blast at each other is decided within 20 seconds. Any remaining time is just mop-up. This means that practically reducing the 30-sec Might to 20 has no impact. As for Aegis, reducing a 5-sec to 3-sec is also practically useless since it's going to be remowed in 0.1 sec due to the insane amount of AoE flying around.

The same is true for PvP. Reducing might by 33% only means that often enough it can just be applied again and reducing the duration of Aegis is again useless since it's going to be stripped within a short time anyway.

The only Boons that a 33% reduction in duration has any effect on is Resilience, Vigor, Protection, and Regeneration. And from rare to fairly common they also exist on that scale.

It's similar to reducing someone's ability to fly 1.000 metres above the ground to 75 metres above the ground. Hypothetically a huge reduction, however, if they live in a cave system where they max have 50 metres of head clearence then the reduction is useless since they'd never use the remaining 25 metres anyway.

It's the same with balance changes. Rather than looking at the hypothetical effect of a change, or anything is general, look at the practical effect of it. For Winds of Disenchantment to reduce Boon by 33% practically speaking makes it useless, it would need to reduce boon duration by more than 50% in order to have any practical impact in both WvW and PvP And then make an exception that it only reduces the the above by 33%.


Another example is the Necromancer Shrouds, hypothetically they work in a fun and interesting way, practically speaking they're a nightmare for balancing since it's essentially an ablative health bar that also serves as a resource, something that simultaniously makes it wildly OP and meh.

In ane context of PvX an ablative health bar will always be superior to any defensive bugg imagined since they would only make it harder to kill a parsong while the ablative health bar means that they have to be killed twice. If anyone can do that amount of damage they'd be broken beyond belief in a PvP context. Shrouds would be a lot easier to balance if they practically absorbed X% of the damage (up to 50%) pr. hit instead of 100%. It would make their damage output more predictable as well as it could ensure that they were able to do their damage longer. As a result their other abilities could be scaled back since they would be predictable to have for longer instead of having wild burst since they can vanish at any time.

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