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Saltwater Fish are significantly rarer drops than legendary fish

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Thanks for increasing the drop rate for Saltwater Fish from nodes (from what to what?), but the drop rates are still abominable.  Getting 1 saltwater fish out of 50 casts or so at Ember Bay with max fishing stacks seems pretty terrible.  Perhaps you intend for this to be a grind, but I thought it worth asking if you meant for it to be this much of a grind.  If I want to catch a Dunkleosteus I can change my bait to Lava Beetles and catch one pretty quickly.  But for Saltwater Fish it might be a hundred catches before I catch even one.  Thanks for thinking of us poor fishers. 🙂

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However the problem is not you get 1 saltie in 50 tries. The real issue starts when you need to catch specific saltie.

Being at 13/14, provided that chances for each saltie are equal, you have 2% * 7% = ~ 0,14% probability of getting the last fish.

Seriously is this intended? 1 in 700 fishes? Repeated twice for normal and avid?

[X] Doubt.

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I was seeing significantly better drop rates Thursday morning (4 out of 118, 4 out of 102, 3 out of 104) making it a roughly 3.4 % chance.  This is ignoring all the kitten Mackerels I caught and no longer need to catch since I can buy them IF I decide I ever want to hunt a fish that needs that bait, it also ignores all the junk items.  So we'll round it down to roughly 3% of what I would catch on any given map would be a Saltwater fish.


So I go to bed after being up all night fishing.  When I get up and login the game runs a patch.  Now on Thursday night running the same maps, using the same approach as roughly 12 hours earlier the Saltwater catches are: 2 out of 103, 1 out of 93, 0 out of 95, 1 out of 94, 2 out of 201.   Thes numbers average out to roughly 1% of everything caught is a Saltwater fish.


What changed?  The good drops were during the morning the bad drops were at night.  But, and this is a big but in my opinion, there was a patch in between and we don't know that they didn't screw up or roll back the changes that were supposed to increase the drops of Saltwater fish.  Lot of variables to deal with that we don't know but I do know from recording the numbers and observing what is happening that Thursday morning the drops were much better than last week, by Thursday night the drops were just as crap as they had been prior to the "increased drop rate."  I've been fishing nothing but nodes since that patch and I noticed an improvement that day.  It wasn't a super huge, dramatic improvement but it was noticeable.  So were the crap rates of Saltwater fish Thursday night.


Make what you will of that but this is what I've seen over the past few days.  Early (I mean 4 or 5 am early) on Thursday morning I got my last Saltwater Fisher collection fish and started the Avid Saltwater Fisher collection.  That was when I started recording drops and tracking dupes etc.  That morning I got 9 of the 14 fish I needed for Avid and 2 dupes over a roughly 6 hour period.  11 Saltwater fish in total.  Thursday night to get 11 Saltwater fish all but 2 of which were dupes it took 14 hours (from 8pm Thursday night to 10am Friday morning) so something definitely changed on Thursday.

EDIT: Went to Lion's Arch, started at 575 fishing power, at 69 stacks on the skiff now so 69 catches so far from the nodes.  Have 7 Sunscale Strikers and 2 Moonfin Strikers (both orange exotics from the World Class collection) and not 1 saltwater fish all of which are yellow rares.  That should not be happening if the Saltwater collection wasn't completely screwed up in comparison to the World Class collection.  Roughly 48 hours ago I was in this same map, same routine, started at 575 fishing power and just started hitting nodes.  By the time I hit 69 stacks on the skiff I had 2 of the Avid Saltwater collection caught.  Something isn't right.

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