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End of Dragons Expedition Contract - Buyer Beware!

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I bought this when it was bundled with several other items. It correctly shows as being in use when checked in my home instance, but the Gem store still has the option to buy the item again and states "You can buy 1 more at this price."  Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the bundle that it was included in and my History page doesn't allow me to go back far enough (after the March sales and all) or search for it for some reason either.


I believe buying this a second time is wasted gems.

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yeah, the gems tore is broken on several items like that. 

i have max bank tabs, too, and guess what? they still show in the store, saying i can buy them.

i'm all for items showing in the store if i've already bought them, but they should indicate to me that i'm already at max and can't buy anymore. especially considering that i would buy more character slots if i wasn't already maxxed. but they don't show up in the gem store like bank tabs. both are maxxed, where's the consistency?

i'm afraid to try to test-buy more bank tabs, because i'm afraid i'll lose the gems without gaining a bank tab.

EDIT PS: outfits that i already bought appear in my gem store, but they have indications that i already bought them.

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Best way to buy bank tabs and inventory slots is from clicking the button to add one directly from your bank or inventory.  That way you never end up with something you can't use.  The EOD expedition contract, however, specifically says I can use another one when I'm pretty sure that isn't the case.

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