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Some Necromancer bugs.

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Implacable Foe ( Harbinger Master, Major):

It should apply 3 stacks of stability in PVE. It only apply a single one...  like if someone did a copy and paste of the PvP version for the PVE code without update the number of the stacks applied. (Finally solved,  one bug less).


Unholy Sanctuary (Death Magic, Grandmaster, Major):

Useless for the Harbinger.  Harbinger Shroud is not a secondary health pool, Harbinger also does not have barriers like the Scourge when you enter in Shroud so when you enter in Harbinger Shroud you only have 1 point of health.  lol  A single condition applied to you as a test purpose imply a downed state after the Unholy Sanctuary trait acts in a lvl 80 map, you can only survive in very low level


Thanks for reading 

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Hello again.

@Fire Attunement.9835

Another day, another bugs.  Well, adding to the above ones:

  • Superior Rune of Sanctuary does not work with Parasitic Contagion trait, the Grandmaster from Curses, at least in PvP, but probably everywhere.
  • Jagged Horrors created by the Grand Master trait Death Nova from Death Magic don't increase your life force whey they die.  You should gain life force from nearby deaths, right? Like when you explode or sacrifice your minions and when your other type of minions die. Maybe a lower quantity than others or the same, but they should trigger gain life force too.

Also i'm pretty sure that Dread, the Grandmaster from the necromancer's Spite trait line, has been overlooked like the Unholy Sanctuary for the Harbinger.  Dread trait was originally designed to interact with fear skills that had a high cooldown.


Inflicting fear on a foe gives you boons. Shroud skill 3 partially recharges when you defeat foes.

Quickness (5s): Skills and actions are faster.
Fury (10s): +20% Critical Chance

In the case of the shroud ones for the necromancer and reaper, the fear is in the skill 3 of the Shroud which makes sense, so you gain the boons with them inflicting fear and those skills have a reduced recharge when you defeat foes.  In the case of the Scourge it started to derail as the skill that triggers it from it's shroud is  Garish Pillar...  that for the source code is the skill 4 of the shroud due to how it's programmed. Which means that the skill that has its recharge reduced for the Scourge Shroud  is Sand Cascade, the one that provide a barrier instead the one that infllict fear with a bigger cooldown. But... at least, everything is triggered and i'm not sure if you left it like that on purpose or if it was already overlooked previously.

For the Harbinger is even worse...  Harbinger does not have fear in it's shroud so those boons will never be triggered by the harbinger shroud skills or related traits, which makes that grandmaster trait undesirable. In fact, the skill that has the recharge reduced by defeating foes is Devouring Cut, a dash skill with low cooldown.  For me, it does not make sense.

Thank you very much for reading.

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Ok here we go again. I'm adding this one here to make the team notice it. The trait works but it has a lot less value than for the core necromancer and other other specializations.


Transfusion: (Grandmaster of Blood Magic)



This trait has exceptions for core necromancer and it's specializations to make it valuable for all them... right?  Less for the Harbinger, OF COURSE,  another overlooked and useless grandmaster for the Harbinger, like Dread and Unholy Sanctuary.

As the Harbinger does not have life force as a second health bar, this trait should heal the Harbinger as it does with the Scourge, or add other exception for the Harbinger to make it valuable as a Grandmaster trait.

I'm getting  worried to watch the amount of grandmaster traits that you overlooked for the Harbinger killing a lot of potential new builds.

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Hello.  Yes, another bug. 😞

When i'm in Necromancer's Shroud,  core and any other specialization. I can not interact with farm nodes,  i can't Mine, Chop and Gather the nodes,  saplings, ores, herbs, etc.  But the pop-up message is available. Although nothing happens when i try to do it.  So clicking in the messsage or using the "F" key or the one you key-binded it doesn't work. So there is a bug, you should be able to do it and interact with the nodes or the message should not appear.

But, for example, i can interact while in Shroud with items from events,  so i can grab the Kodan's Flame and carry it in BitterFrost Frontier, or grab crystals/items on the ground and carry them to complete events while in Shroud.  So, click the pop-up message and the "F" key work in those cases. And is very useful  be able to interact with items while in shroud doing the events.  I hope that you can fix this bug and let us interact with nodes while we are in Necromancer's Shroud and the shroud of its specializations. It's annoying at times not be able to interact with the nodes if you are in Shroud.  It will be a nice Quality of Life bug fix.

Thank you again.  🙂

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