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Bug - Vindicator's Imperial Impact skill is not generating the appropriate duration of boons

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The Vassals of the Empire skill tooltip says that it extends boon duration by 2 seconds and the Imperial Impact skill tooltip is showing me that I'll apply 19.5 seconds of might and protection, but I'm actually only applying ~17 seconds of each. Additionally, the boons I apply with Vassals of the Empire do not benefit from the Vassals of the Empire extension, because when I cast the ability on allies who have protection already, it's only adding ~17 seconds there as well. This is making maintaining 25 might incredibly challenging even with ascended harrier gear, energy sigils, concentration sigils, and monk runes, allowing for very little room to actually engage with the mechanics of encounters and heal my allies without sacrificing boon uptime.


To me, it looks like the Vassals of the Empire boon duration increase is not working on boons applied by the vindicator with that same skill. The boon extension works when I apply resistance and regen with Battle Dance and then dodge for example, but not with the protection and might from Vassals. It also does not extend protection (and likely might, but this was hard to test solo) already applied by allies. When I would land, they would still only get ~17 seconds of extra protection, even though in theory I should have been adding 2 seconds to their current boon plus 19.5 seconds from my own skill (21.5 total instead of 17.5).


My assumption is that the intention was for the 19.5 to include the 2 second bonus, but this is not working as intended. Instead, it isn't applying the 2 extra seconds at any point, which loses you 2 seconds of duration per dodge.


Especially when you consider how easy it is for mechanists to apply alac, heals, might, and still have the time to give additional utility, this extremely tight rotation to maintain might alone on vindicator is making any possible boon support builds for the elite spec borderline unplayable.


I was able to maintain 25 might at the raid training golem, but with even 1 mistimed weapon swap or energy meld, it was likely I was going to drop uptime. In a real encounter, it would take an extraordinarily gifted player to keep up might, do mechanics, and then find the time to think about using anything other than the primary rotation skills, which really don't amount to very much healing at all by themselves.


Sorry if someone has already posted about this bug, I'm not familiar with the forums or how to navigate them.



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