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Multiple bugs with Endless Dragonvoid Combat Tonic

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The new Endless Dragonvoid Combat Tonic has several bugs to it, with light gamebreaking potential.


Most disrupting being that all weapon animations do not play while the player character is moving in any direction. The skill still performs.

This might be because of the actual model being used for the tonic being the Risen Human model, even though the preview window shows the normal human model.

Video for example: https://youtu.be/AnPo-1bcW_Y?t=22


Additionally, any Polysaturating Reverberating Infusion applies not on the actual body of the model, but on one of the chromatic effects happening further out and around the character model.



It also drags around the feet and looks like a elqastic band thats attached.

View video for example. https://youtu.be/50MhaUCR8mc?t=87


With the item being rather rare still, as it requires a lucky drop, a lot of gold or 500 green strike shards, this might be a niche issue.

But with the outlined issues having the potential of providing an unfair advantage to a player using the tonic in WvW, it should rise up in the priority list.

I also want to add that simply removing the ability to apply any Polysaturating Reverberating Infusion while the tonic is active, would be a terrible solution and rather upsetting.


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Bro im with you... i get it and is HORRIBLE the combination with the polysaturaring infusions!!! How can be posible the effect around the model... and with the orange poly, the "aura" around him, is yellow!!!!!! First, like you say the effect dont need to be around the model like a aura... need to be on the model!! or drags around the feed like a elastic band.... and second is orange poly, not yellow...  i send a ticket today because is not posible 2 years later get the same bugs with this tonic

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