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"Help the archaeologists extract relics from their magical wards" Scaling

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Tried this this morning with a squad of 7 people. We failed got about half way. Tried this again just now with a squad of 12 people all actively doing the event and we only managed to get about 70% All th enemies were extremely tanky and hard to kill. This event's success rate is much lower then the echovald wilds meta and I don't believe the scale for this event is done correctly. I think it has to do with being on top of a waypoint where people always pass through it and cause it to scale up but don't join the event, could this please be fixed. There are two achievements that require the follow up event form this event and I have yet to ever see that event since no map has ever gotten past this one.

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Yes. This event is basically un-doable in normal circumstances. I was trying the Echovald event daily. I turned in 9 relics myself, but we only got to about 75% before it failed. Between needing to find the keys, take the keys to the wards, play the mini-game, pick up the relic, run it back and turn it in, all the while dealing with super-tanky mobs attacking you as well as thieves that show up half the time and "steal" the relic you just unlocked so you have to kill them first to even get the relic... this is just broken. Add what was noted above about the waypoint causing there to be several people in the area that aren't participating and it just can't be done most of the time, no matter how hard those actually participating try.

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