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Please Look at Rebound for June 28th


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Rebound as an elite seems good on paper, however it falls short in competitive environments. What usually happens is you use it on a dying teammate and then they just die 2 second later.

This brings me to my next topic about support tempest in general. Currently you have the fire version which has relatively decent condi removal but struggles vs power. And then you have the earth version that struggles vs condi but is decent vs power. Part of the solution here is enabling the use of shouts with soldier rune in the earth variant.

Right now shouts are actually pretty good, but the need to fill your utility slot with lightning flash and the res glyph limits this type of play. That is why I am suggesting rebound work like untamed heal.

Make Rebound  give a 4s immunity to death followed by the heal and give it the aura regardless.

To compensate you could increase the cd to 90s.

This gives eles a valid reason to run shouts over other utilities in my opinion.

It also gives some potential to move out of aura share dependence in favor of cleansing water.

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