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Crystal Desert Mastery Points? Maybe?

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Hi, I am having trouble finding any more Mastery points that I can accomplish in the Crystal Desert. I need one more Mastery point in order to get Canyon Jumping on the raptor. I appear to have only gotten 2 of the Mastery points from the map and 3 others from Story, I guess. I have completed 1-3 and it appears I need other mounts to complete 4 (The Sacrifice). I am not sure how to continue at this point. I have a screenshot that I can upload that shows the 2 Mastery points that I have gotten. But I am not sure how to upload here. They are the one you can easily Swim out to in Bay of Elon and the one between the Free City of Amnoon and Amnoon Farms. Help?

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Have you just been doing story to get Mastery Points?

Because there are loads more you could get outside of the story.


For example, Crystal Oasis has 8 mastery points. as shown on the map



Also certain collections, side missions, and so on give points.


You may have to travel to other maps to get some but you can always return to your story once you gained some. 

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Go look up the achievement "Reins of the Raptor".  Takes only a few minutes and you will get a mastery point.  You'll also unlock the ability to buy an unlimited amount of Raptor Treats.  They're good for, IIRC, 5% mastery track completion for eating one per day while mounted on your raptor.  And there is a similar one for each of the other 4 mounts. 

Oh, and don't spend mastery points on the 5th mount mastery for any of the mounts until you have level 4 done for all of the 4 core mounts.  Go ahead and train the XP for them if you need someplace to put the XP, but save the mastery points til later.

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Thank you all for your help. I have gotten part of the way into the grotto but got killed by a drake lol. I will wait for my husband to get off of work and tell him how to get there and hopefully he can resurrect me so I don't have to start over after completing 2 of the raptor dismount jumps.

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Just as a small note: that place mastery point wise is as far as I recall the tightest squeez one experiences.


After the longjump mastery and what follows shortly after mout wise, much more of PoF opens up and you gain far more access to optional mastery points.


Good luck!

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