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Black color?

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The final color depends on the surface shaders and area lighting. On some mount skins the surface shader changes the color quite a lot. Could try another black hue dye or different mount skin?

For really black character fashion I recommend using Polyluminescent Undulating Infusion (Black) with dark dyes. If you want one with black aura effect there's the Abyssal Infusion but it takes more effort to get.

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The dye system in GW2 is tricky because the 'material' being dyed affects the end colour. For normal materials (cloth, leather, metal etc.) the results are fairly predictable - for example cloth usually shows the 'true' colour but often leaves out 'secondary' colours - for example Abyssal Sea will just look black - whereas metal is shinier and more likely to show secondary colours.

For effects it's much harder to predict but as a general rule of thumb the default colour is far more likely to affect the end result than on the armour or outfit (or even mount skin/feathers/scales) itself. For example white smoke is always going to be bright or pale, dying it black will probably make it dark grey at best.

Other than shadow abyss dyes I usually try for black are abyss, glossy black, black, tar, midnight ice and midnight fire. Each one is slightly different (for example on plain materials glossy black is the same as abyss, but if there's a pattern or other details it's far more likely to show them).

But I don't think there's any dye which is guaranteed to make anything it's applied to completely plain black (or any other colour), it always depends on what's being dyed.

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If you notice the material you're dying shifting toward a color, you could try one of the blacks that leans toward the complement of that color.

For example, you mention shadow abyss looking black-red on some things. Try Shadow Green, Dark Olive, or Olive Shade to see if it will balance the red tone of the material.

If the material straight up dyes lighter, there's not much you can do with those.

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