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Catalyst Quality of Life Suggestions


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After playing Catalyst for a while it felt like the Hammer melee-like Playstyle was hard to execute with a low healthpool paired with little to none mobility.

Things that could fit Catalyst to make it more enjoyable without changeing the whole kit or mechanics:

  • 5% DMG to Barrier Passive (Scrapper has it, it feels like a nobrainer for Catalyst) | Barrier could be aplied when closer then 600Range to balance things
  • Hurricane of Pain with Superspeed while channeling
  • Shock Blast with 600Range Teleport and instant Stun


What do you think? Any other suggestions to give Catalyst the Quality of Life it deserves without a complete overhaul?

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I think these suggestions are legit I like the shock blast one particularly. Some extra barrier would be alright given how static the spec is.
I think air skill 4 should rather be changed into leap forward and interrupt rather than what it is now.

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 - Orbs need to not be projectiles so they can't be deleted by reflects while rotating. Only grand finale should be reflectable.

- change a trait to turn % of vitality into Power. This would really help solo builds as it'd make cele a really good option. 

- Double the effects of empowerment and cut the stacks to 5. 

- reduce damage taken by 10% when stood in a sphere as a self thing would also be really nice. 

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(WvW/sPvP mostly point of view)
I would like to see an option to case the fields directly on the Elementalist without having to place them. I'd personally just prefer a 'target self' key binding as opposed to making fields cast-on self only, but wouldn't mind either way.

Hammer absolutely needs better CC. Air 4 and 5 are not very good for CC at all. They might be scared about quickness abuse but as it stands you basically get 1 usable CC per mode (Air 5 is ok for PvE on targets if you can predict they'll be standing still for a bit and Air 4 is alright for mobility/cc in competitive, but they're not particularly useful for the other mode)

I'd like for them to do something with Empowered Empowerment so that its not a dead skill 95% of the time you take it.. Even if you have to reduce the effectiveness from 100% to 70% or something.  Maybe have it extend the duration of all applied Elemental Empowerment by 3 seconds? That makes it 18s, which should help maintain stacks longer.

I also feel like a lot of people are asking for damage reduction for Catalyst. Personally, I think this can be addressed by a rework of the Earth line, making it a more viable alternative, it already has a lot of damage reduction in it, its just doesn't compete with Fire which offers better sustain and damage dealing even at the cost of a little bit of defense.


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