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What leap you using for PvP?


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I dont have Vindicator but i think i know the answer to that, and its pretty simple.

Dont play Vindicator in pvp because it succs.

If you however still want to play vindicator you should take the healdodge. Anyone that is getting hit by the Damagedodge has either fallen asleep on their Computer or has a disconnect. The Dodge is the most telegraphed thing in this entire universe and you should never ever get hit by this.

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I am a high silver/mid gold pvp’er, so take that into account for my skill level and the level of those I typically face


heal based vindi w/ jalis as backup, using GS/staff, I have pretty amazing sustainability. I can hold points for my team by myself against usually 2 enemies indefinitely, and against 3 for a short time if backup comes- that’s a lot of points due to holding up the enemy and continuing to keep it your color. The GS helps with some cleave, the block is helpful, and the rush is good for repositioning. Staff is obvious- lots of condi remover, a block and the ridiculous cc option. Jalis, you throw the hammers up and drop some roads when necessary, and in Viktor you have two great heals, a stun break, and properly swapping and utilizing energy meld, you can drop the healdodge more often than most weapon skills


again- I am fully aware that this is NOT in the top tier of competition, but it is pretty fun and allows me to contribute pretty well to the team. Also, pretty much always getting the ‘top healing’ stat bonus 😛

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