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Isle of Reflection Guild Hall Decorations


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Many people have been upset by Isle of Reflection, its weird design flaws (invisible walls in uncovered areas, etc) and certainly it was a little bit of a letdown for me as well.  I have commented on it in other areas.  That being said, I wanted to share what I was able to accomplish in this hall from a decoration standpoint.  With a ton of time, energy and many many many clouds to get way to the top of the hall, I was able to make compelling areas for all our decorations.

I wanted to share the final product.  Feel free to rip it apart and tell me how stupid it looks, or maybe you will enjoy what I was able to do.  Either way, here it is for your viewing pleasure should you wish to watch. 


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The invisible walls in that map are most like old clip brushes to make certain models solid. But when a guild hall gets upgraded, some of those models get removed and replaced by something else. Sadly ANET forgot to remove those clip brushes as well...


I know that the desert guild hall has the same problems. Both halls have such clip brushes near the entrance of the building with the scribe stations (and gathering nodes). Maybe there are more of such spots, but i didn't had time to investigate the whole maps.


When it comes to decorating your guild hall: good job.

It's not really my style (not really a fan of JP, SAB, etc), but that does not matter. I can see you have put a lot of effort into it 👍

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