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Support/Heal Vindicator for WvW?


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As fun and interesting as "all roads lead to condition circle hell" Dwarf Legend is, I'm looking for a new support style to switch to every now and then.


I know shitting out boons is more important generally for WvW but Vindi with its Urns and Goat with his rock is somewhat like a Ritualist if you squint hard enough and do a handstand, and would like to emulate something close to that since ANet seems to hate giving fans what they want.

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Sadly, Revenant has 2 problems in WvW.

A. No good support weapon.

Staff is melee and only has 2 support skills on it 2 and 4.  With 4 being the only decent one.

B. Energy Cost.

Regardless if you look at Ventari or Vindicator , the skills of both have such a high energy costs that you maybe get to use 2 and you are out of energy. Now you just sit there doing nothing.


Thats why Rev mostly relies on Regeneration or Facet of Nature(ventari) as its main healing scource.


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