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Prime Apes [Apex] - [NA] Recruiting Casual New/Vet Gamers for Daily WvW and Weekly PvE Raids - KAINENG Server

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Prime Apes [Apex] | A WvW Focused Guild that is on KAINENG Server | 500 Gems to Transfer | Recruiting Casual Gamers |  Newbies and Veterans Players Welcomed | New World and WoW Refugees Welcomed too

Hey I am looking for an active NA guild. I haven't really done group content I spent most of the time on map completion. Looking for a community to learn other aspects of the game.   May I join ?

Name is Chevelles.5867 can i join, id be willing to pay the gems and transfer.

7 hours ago, CaptainVantastic.5987 said:

Hey returning player here. Do you guys raid on Sat/Sun? How long do you guys usually raid for? 

We run sat with a diff guild but Sunday we run 8pm est to 10pm est. typically 2 hour run but will go 3-4 hours if the content is really good.

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