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Infinite continue coin??

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Did someone from Anet just forget to add it to the store this year. Me and 3 friends wanted to run trib thus year and get our infusions together and planned on buying it, but we are now over a week in I even have the gems sitting in my account and no coin?

We are a third of the way through the festival and haven't heard a single dev response on the matter despite everyone asking about it.

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I'm sad it's not for sale as I'd planned to buy one for some friends, but if you run normals to get some bauble bubbles first, you should have more than enough lives to do Tribulation.


1 life is equal to 2 baubles, so even if you die 200 times, you are still making more baubles than you lose by running one trib zone (you're getting 250+ at the end, plus 3 or 4 (I forget) bauble bubbles). You can just stock up on loads of continue coins before you enter!

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