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A few "minor" things that Anet could add to improve Guild Wars 2

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1) Now that the threat of Dragon's is gone, perhaps we could see some improvements to abandoned content? For example, implementing the same sort of functionalities in Arborstone to Sun's Refuge would be a good place to start. Heck, tie the Arborstone Masteries to unlocking the same services at the Sun's Refuge (and don't make it necessarily an instance).

2) Create achievement for every member of the Dragon's Watch. Something like the "Honorary Delequa' achievement." This would allows us to feel even more connected with said members and explore some of their own struggles or developments after the events of EOD. Once completed, allow said members of Dragon's Watch to offer a summon allied consumable that you can buy in exchange for some currency. For example, Marjory can give the player a consumable that summons one of her undead minions and Kas can give the player a consumable that summons a mirage of her.

3) This is a bit more ambitious. Introduce a "Guild Hall" for Dragon's Watch as a personal instance that functions just like the home instance (or just replaces it!), but where you can find the members of Dragon's Watch and other important folk. I think that this would make it feel more like a Guild. Plus, it could include content that folds in old existing content. For example: (1) Perhaps you could furnish a library with the books you have collected, and this grants you +exp in PVE; (2) perhaps a trophy room for all the animals and monsters you've killed (you know which achievement I'm talking about), and this grants you a small boost on some other thing (karma?); (3) perhaps a dock of some sort that requires you to visit and complete various hearts to unlock a gold boost or a worldwide PVE merchant discount. Add to this the ability to select the aesthetics of these rooms.

4) For living story instances where you have allies (and where such new abilities would be fine), introduce a command button that commands an ally to cast an ability particular to their skill. For example, perhaps Rox can cast a volley of arrows wherever you select, or Braham can cast a barrier over you. We already have something like this with Marjory in EOD when we are training in the first map. This will makes us feel more like the commander and in control.


5) (Re)introduce non-class specific skills like the racial skills, but tie them to choices your character has made in the story, or their progression in living world. For example, perhaps joining the Order of Whispers grants you a new stealth utility skill for PVE. Or if your character is the commander, have them gain a shout utility skill. Once you become Aurene's champion, perhaps you gain a good mobility utility skill.

What does the community think?

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