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Please give us more than 5 guild slots...

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I'd love to have more guild slots as well. I want to keep in touch / be part of different communities. In my case they don't cover specific game modes (like raiding, PvP or WvW) but other (niche) interests like Griffons, Roller Beetles, ingame music or art.

Especially for roller beetle racing, it would awesome to join a way bigger amount of guilds then we currently are able to, because many guilds have built a racing track in their halls and it's unnecessarily complicated (although the racing communities are organized via discord) to visit them at any given time.

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2 hours ago, Izzy.2951 said:

Why do you need 4 guild slots to have 4 of your own guild? cant you just do that in 1-2 guild? im really amazed. You have enough space to make loads of stuff, i guess those 4 guilds are ghost and u just enjoy the time in making guilds and making them grow, for no real purpose... well to have afk dummies representing other guilds.

Well I think it is 1 for each hall so that makes it 4, if you can say how to have more then 1 guild hall for a guild they could make it with 1 or even 2

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11 hours ago, Fuchslein.8639 said:

One question, out of curiosity.

What is this [Tiny] guild and why does it occupy 4 freaking slots?
I know mass-guilds and  to each his own. But how over the top big, must a guild be, to occupy 4 slots?

[TINY] is NA based asura guild. Ofc you can have bookah toons too but repping is for asura characters only. I think the 3rd guild is not full yet, but the 4th guild was made to get the new EoD guild hall since the other three have fully upgraded different ones.

The website: https://tinyarmy.org/

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