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Id love to sail open waters...

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The boat was introduced for 2 reasons:
- fishing
- selling skins

Look even tho there is a water combat system, anet doesnt want to expand/work on it and apart from some minor changes to few skills, nothing changed in the last 9 years.

Open waters and all that jazz...not coming. 

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Add a new map that's mostly open water/ocean with a few small islands,  a flotilla of (static) boats?


Fishing expeditions - Party up and go out on your skiffs to fish up a big catch from the deep.

Skiff racing - buoy based checkpoints around the boats and islands. Solo and Party based race events?

Underwater stuff too  - maybe cave diving? Underwater combat is what it is, but the exploration aspect is still great.


I wonder how some kind of pirate boat enemy (NPCs) could work with skiffs. At the moment you can "sort of" do some combat on a skiff. Could they ram you, board you? Could you use your skiff and board enemy boats - I don't know how long the skiff will stay after you disembark.

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