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Element of Rage


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Please revert the change to Element of Rage from 2021 as it was a direct nerf to FreshairWeaver that noone has called for. Since the Damagenerf of Feb2020 and the -5% dmg nerf from 2021 Freshairweaver is nonexistend in any competetive mode.

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3 hours ago, Coldtart.4785 said:

Realistically for a pure damage grandmaster trait with such a troublesome activation condition even 10% is laughably low. 15% or even 20% might be reasonable.

i dont wanna ask for too much:D But yeah if they would bump it all the way up to 20%(PvP - WvW) We would start to see Freshair and Staffbuilds again! Freshairsceptre would see a return in spvp and Staffweaver would for sure get a guaranteed spot in any Zerg! This change would be SO NICE for Elementalist.

They have to do it in WvW and PvP only tho, because i think that Ele would have to high dps in PvE otherwise. But for WvW and PvP this change wouldnt hurt at all. There is infact NOT A SINGLE power Elementalist build that is viable for PvP at the moment...  Its like that since they butchered Lightningrod...  not a single powerbuild even close to being viable...  This Change would not Hurt at all. At best it increases diversity. At worst the Condibuilds will still be better. Raising it to 20% will bring Freshairsceptreweaver back to where it was prenerf of 2020 and 2021. And lets be real... it was NOT STRONG prenerf. It still blows my mind why a Build that was obviously not very strong or popular received 2 massive nerfs in a row (2020 and 2021) Right now even a good Freshair is laughably weak compared to anything else.

how can we bring attention of a mod to this? They seem to finetune Elementalist alot lately, just look at the latest patch. This change would be SOOOO NICE without being overtuned. It is for sure time we see something other then Condiweaver and supporttempest. If we get power Ele back, Elementalist might be in a good spot again! with a power, a condi, and a viable support build.


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