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Golden Mahseer (desert fisher) isn't dropping. Any tips?

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Hello everyone,


I've been stuck for days with the desert fisher at 20/21 because the exotic fish Golden Masheer just won't drop. I've tried maxing fishing power and I've tried bare minimum fishing power and nothing seems to work. The legendary Giant Paddlefish has the same requirements (no specific bait, daytime) and I've gotten at least 10 of those. I've also gotten 10+ of the other daytime exotic fish Gilded Loach but the one is still missing.


Any tips on the issue? Could it be that there are mistakes in the item description ingame (like that GM is a night fish after all) or something like that?




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Took me a while to catch one as well. RNG is a real kitten at times.

Did all the desert achies in Bay of Elon (west Crystal Desert). Use any other bait than scorpions or mackerel. I most likely used either glow worms or nightcrawlers since I have a lot of them. Sometimes I get these hard to catch fishes right after logging in or by switching toons. Currently I'm stuck on some of the dawn/dusk ones.

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