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Bug: EoD-Pets do NOT get Cooldown-Reduction from Beastmastery-Traitline for the Pet-Skills

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As mentioned above the new pets like "juvenile siege turtle", "phoenix", etc. do NOT get a Cooldown-Reduction when using the Beastmastery-Traitline (reffering to "Pack Alpha").

It seems to me like a bug / that the cooldown-reduction was forgotten to be connected to the new EoD-Pets.



Please fix this 🙂

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On 4/25/2022 at 5:23 PM, Fire Attunement.9835 said:

I flagged this for the team, we'll see if we can't get this group of pets to behave like they're supposed to. 

Thanks for fixing it ❤️


Might I suggest making the skill "Guardian's Roar" an Instant-Cast? It's really hard to get the timing right, when I want to give Aegis to a group on specific raid-boss-attacks. Right now it is at a 1 second cast-time. Could you make it to instant-cast like the mech-F2-skill ? 🙂


Another bug to mention is, that the cast-time of "Guardian's Roar" in the window is actually more than 1 second, which is really confusing. The window shows a cast-time of 4 seconds  😄  Though it takes 1 second for the pet to cast the skill.

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