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Bloodstone Fen: Gliding 2 and 3 (Inadvertently) Nerfed?


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I did the dailies in BF today. It's been a long while since I've done it, but noticed something off. When Justicar comes, I have always loved using the updraft to the NE and glide-fighting the entire fight about the ground troops. I've always found abilities 2 and 3 fun to use, and while it's mostly 2 (iirc) that does the breakbar work, 3 is a heal and one of those two is a field and the other a finisher and there's some sort of synergy that happens there when one goes off in the other.

At any rate, what 'used' to happen, when I was the only flyer, and there were maybe 2-3 ground troops (early on in the fight before the masses show up), the 2/3 combo would break the shield (if no one was shield breaking on the ground) or at the very least, finish it off if someone had started using their cc abilities.

Today, it was 'extremely' weak, and 'maybe' did 1/3 of what it used to do?

I know there was some sort of change to breakbars in the last patch. (R+M)/2 principle (?) something something. Big brain stuff. Above my pay grade. I can't help but wonder if some fun things, like the BF gliding skills, were inadvertently nerfed in the process? 

Would be nice to give it a pass to bring it's performance back on par.

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