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How is condi daredevil compared to specter for open world


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I can't comment much on the build itself, since personally I run either full Vipers or Viper + Sinister/Griever mixes.  What I can tell you are the general trends:


Pros: Greater Cleave, more mobile, endlessly spamming evades makes easy to survive many fights, inflicts a lot of weakness, has access to vanilla stolen skills.

Cons: No ranged damage option, less statistically durable, forced movement on skills.


Pros: Long Ranged attacks, a lot of additional health via shroud, has a wider toolbox of skills, no forced movement on many of it's skills.  

Cons: Less cleave, less power damage, no stolen skills, less mobile.


Now, as for the build you posted:  Unless you're planning to solo difficult champions with it, Trailblazer and Dire are overkill.  Even wearing full glass Vipers you'll be plenty difficult to kill.  If you don't want to go with a pure DPS setup, the more pragmatic option that people go with is Ritualist, which will let you buff while still doing respectable condition damage.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but the highest damage option isn't Scepter + Pistol.  It's Scepter + Dagger.  Be sure to have an off-hand dagger equipped.  For overworld PVE, Superior Sigil of Cleansing is overkill.  Grasping Shadows cleanses conditions on use, and combined with Trickers you shouldn't need more than that.  Everything else looks good.  


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9 hours ago, CritikalMoist.7216 said:

Tysm and what would be my rotation cause thats the part I have the most issue with

Use dagger off-hand, pistol can be used on the side for breakbars and kiting. 3 x  Twilight Combo - Siphon - Twilight Combo -> Shadow Shroud 2-5-(3 if need to gap close)-4-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-4 out, rince and repeat. If you're using any wells, just spam those off cooldown. Alternatively, shorter shroud combo is 2-5-4-1-1-2, and you'll be back to full initiative at the end.

Quick Pockets replenishes your initiative so you can alternatively switch to pistol and kite away with Measured Shot + Endless Night before entering shroud. There's situational leeway, for sure. Two of the biggest strengths of specter is its natural durability and defiance bar damage - both are NOTABLY higher than daredevil or deadeye.

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