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Power Mechanist - Ferocity


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Probably a meme but i was looking at power mechanist and i am legit curious if anyone has actually tried to min / max and benchmark a power mechanist. Like going in with an open mind, not just assuming holosmith is better or that the mechanist must be a support build to be viable. I don't care about viability, i just wanna see numbers. 

The " Power " trait in mechanist increases stat contributions on your golem in the precision and ferocity categories, leaving power correct me if i am wrong... at a 50% contribution rate. This would probably spell bad news for a power build but... What if you aimed for a ferocity focused build instead. This is definitely going to sound meme-ish but why not golemancer runes. Or one of the precision / ferocity options. As long as you are not at least soft crit capped (engie crit capped but golem is still lower) i figure precision has to out weigh power all day long. Additionally I figure so long as you have a certain amount of precision ferocity probably dwarfs power all day though i have no numbers to back this guess. Just a hunch.  I do not believe the arms traits affect the golem at all, no additional crit chance from that trait line to bump up the chance that the golem lands a crit on bleeding targets or otherwise. Assuming that to be the case, soft crit cap might be around 75% with or without banners / group buffs but with the easily achievable fury boon. 

I have other things i need to work on first or i would test it myself and may still in a bit. But i am curious what numbers a ferocity build could achieve. I am also curious if maybe dragon might out dps berserkers just due to its slant toward ferocity. That is before accounting for any value vitality may have. (a living golem contributes more dps than a dead one)

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